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Since moving to Minnesota in 1997, I have fostered a strong commitment to musical outreach for Northern Minnesota and abroad by performing and directing over 250 schools, nursing homes and community music education outreach programs.

I teach my students that music is to be shared and used as a bridge between ages, cultures and musical backgrounds. My 35 years as a Music Educator has helped develop a widely respected reputation for life-enriching music projects for my students and adults in Sound of Strings programs.

Besides promoting a lifetime commitment to classical music, I created my Four String Rock ensemble in 2012 to use as a means for inspiring young elementary-age students.

Music of all genres is a language that is universally spoken and nurtured.  We as humans need the ability to express ourselves and feel an attachment to something magical that not only moves our heart, and soul but expands our ability to share gifts and talents with those around us.

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